GTRACING Gaming Chair Review

The GTRACING gaming chair is my top pick when it comes to choosing an affordable gaming chair. My GTRACING gaming chair review will show you what makes this gaming chair the overall best choice for gaming without spending buckets full of money.

There are different gaming chairs offered by GTRACING, but I will cover the GT099 specifically.

GTRACING Gaming Chair Review
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Whether you plan on a long online gaming session or a weekend long LAN party at your house; there is nothing that ruins the experience like sitting uncomfortable.

Before long your back starts to ache, your legs cramp and you neck grows stiff and tired. That is it – the fun is over and you will feel the pain for the next week to come.

I remember the first time I took a long road trip in the summer with a car without an air conditioner. Finally, reaching my destination, I was tired, hot and feeling sticky. I realized then what a huge difference something small like having an air conditioner, can make. Your body and mind is so much happier when you are comfortable.

The same applies for me when planning a long gaming session: A comfortable room temperature, enough space and especially a comfortable chair that is not too bulky.

The GTRACING gaming chair ticks all the boxes for me and it mostly has to do with the design…

GTRACING Gaming Chair Design

You can adjust pretty much any aspect of the chair from the arm rests to the height of the chair, but what I appreciate most is the back – and adjustable neck support. The lumbar cushion and headrest pillow can also be removed if so desire.

There are other gaming chairs sporting a lumbar cushion and headrest pillow, but I appreciate the detail and quality of the GTRACING gaming chair. It has a durable metal frame with thick padding for comfort and it is pleasing to the eye.

Combining the sturdy metal frame, thick padding, ergonomic design, lumbar cushion and headrest pillow; it all adds up to perfect support for your back and good posture. 

There are different designs and colors to choose from that will surely fit your taste and color scheme.

GTRACING Gaming Chair Options

I chose the GTRACING GT099 gaming chair for its affordable price, functionality and because it fits perfectly in my room. If you have plenty of room and fancy a retractable footrest and some Bluetooth speakers in the headrest, I will recommend the GTRACING GT890MF gaming chair for roughly $30 more.

GTRACING Gaming Chair Functions

  • Safely recline to 170° Perfect for resting.
  • A 130° angle will provide a comfortable book reading experience.
  • The arm rests can be rotated and adjusted in height.
  • Adjustable headrest pillow
  • Height adjustment
  • Back and forth rocking feature
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can take up to 300lb of weight.

I mainly use the chair for gaming and rarely recline it fully. For the purpose of long hours in front of the computer, the GTRACING gaming chair is perfect. When reclining to the resting position, you may opt to remove the lumbar and headrest pillow if it bothers you.

GTRACING Gaming Chair Benefits

  • Comfort
  • Good posture
  • Back and neck support
  • Snug fit
  • Allows for any body type to sit comfortably
  • Fitted with heavy-duty castors to easily move the chair around
  • Good support

Needless to say that when you buy something it is for serving a purpose and it should be of use and beneficial. Sitting down is the purpose and that you can do in any chair, but sitting comfortably for hours on end working at a desk or playing some games is a different story. Now that is the main purpose of the GTRACING gaming chair and it serves this purpose well.

The chair comes with a limited 1-year warranty but the support is quite good and quick to sort you out with any question or problem you have.


Here are some testimonials of clients that purchased this chair:

Testimonial #1

“Very Comfortable for long gaming sessions. For the price of this chair I honestly wasn’t expecting much but this chair surpassed my expectations in a big way.” 

Testimonial #2

“I honestly cannot imagine going back to my old chair after using this for a few weeks.”

Testimonial #3

“This is my first gaming chair and I love it! The right side bottom plastic seat cover got damaged during shipping. But the customer service through email was fast and easy. No hassle!”

Read some more testimonials here: Customer Testimonials

The Cons

  • The arm rests may be a bit wobbly at times
  • I would not recommend this chair for persons weighing more than 220lb (100kg) Not because of the weight but because of the shape of the chair that may not hug your frame as comfortably as hoped.


Do you often sit in front of a computer for hours on end? Is the experience uncomfortable and ends in a sore back and neck? Then you need this chair.

Why this chair and not another gaming chair? The GTRACING gaming chair is a very good quality gaming chair for the price. You can fork out the money for a DX Racer or you can buy an even cheaper chair of less quality but the GTRACING gaming chair finds a happy medium between the two. To my mind, you want to sit comfortably and the GTRACING gaming chair delivers without breaking the bank.

Thank you for reading my GTRACING gaming chair review!

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