FTL Drone Reactor Booster

Engi Cruiser Layout B - The Vortex

The Drone Reactor Booster can be obtained by any ship by completing the Engi Virus quest.

The Engi Cruiser Layout B (The Vortex), on the other hand, comes equipped with the Drone Reactor Booster.

What Does The Drone Reactor Booster Do?

The Drone Reactor Booster increases the movement speed of your onboard drones with 25%.

Drones move at about half the speed of normal crew members and this booster increases this to 62% of the speed that normal crew members move at.

This is such a small boost that the best recommendation is to sell the Drone Reactor Booster.

How Much Can You Get For The Drone Reactor Booster?

You can sell the booster for 25 scrap which is half the purchase price of 50 scrap.

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